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Our product is handmade fresh every day and considered “Artisan Belgian Chocolate”.

How did we come up with the name Xocodiva? Xoco is from Xocatl (the first known chocolate, which was a sipping chocolate in the Mayan culture)  Diva means god, or deity. Our chocolate isFood of the Gods!

Are you a franchise? No, you can only experience our chocolate in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (unless you're the lucky recipient of a gift bought for you in Puerto Vallarta!)


What kind of chocolate is it? Is it Mexican chocolate?  Where do you get your chocolate?  The cacao bean is from Mexico, Brazil, Peru… then sent to Belgium where it’s processed, as Europe has the best way to process in the world…. then we ship it back to Puerto Vallarta, where we make it fresh each day. Our chocolate contains no wax, no preservatives. Only chocolate processed in Belgium can be called Belgium chocolate. Our products are made from premium Belgium chocolate!

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How long has this business been here? Since 2007.


What is the chocolate painted with? Cocoa butter, which is part of the cacao bean. It is a natural product, like all our products. There is no flavour or texture change.


What is tempering chocolate? What are those machines (that temper chocolate). Tempering is the process of bringing chocolate to a state that allows you to mold it and have a stable product when you’re finished. It heats up, then cools down, then heats back up again so that the correct crystals form inside the chocolate. Chocolate is very picky about temperature; the chocolate kitchen has to be cold to make chocolate.


Is your chocolate gluten free? Yes. The only gluten would be in products containing pretzels. However we are not a gluten free or nut free kitchen.


Is your chocolate dairy free? The dark chocolate barks (except rocky road), anything dark and solid is dairy free.


I would like to buy your chocolate wholesale, how do I do that? Please email us through the form at the bottom of this page.   


We look forward to you experiencing Xocodiva Chocolate!